Our Story

PGI was born as a result of consistent comments of need over an extended period of time.  Dealers and Distributors of all types, sizes, and brand affiliation as well as Manufacturers have long been echoing the same chorus, “We need techs”.  At the Fall 2013 EGSA conference in Seattle Washington a round table was held featuring the leaders of the five largest and most influential Engine/Generator brands within our industry, Cat, Cummins, Generac, Kohler, and MTU.  

Although portrayed in different ways two common themes resounded from that session.  Theme 1: the industry is poised for continued growth for the foreseeable future.  Theme 2: we have an industry wide shortage in our technical workforce at current sales volumes.  In the reverberating sound of these two themes the magnificence of need and opportunity collided with such force that it could no longer be ignored.  Thus Power Generation Institute, LLC was born on the hotel note pad.  

While moving from the hotel notepad to a formal business plan, our research revealed that the Dealer/Distributor community are burdened with other common needs that can addressed by PGI and so the evolution continues. These revelations led us to develop additional core services in support of the Dealer/Distributor business operations and business development. We are now ready to unveil 

Power Generation Institute, LLC, 2.0!

Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Purpose: To recruit and prepare high school and postgraduate students for immediate and long term success within the Power Generation Industry specifically targeting Technicians by investing and training the whole person with an uncommon intensity, a unique curriculum and unwavering commitment to the students.  To become an on-going resource for Dealers and Distributors in the operation and development of their businesses.

Mission: To populate the Power Generation Industry with prepared professional men and women. 

Vision: We imagine a setting where industry professionals intentionally invest in the next wave of industry professionals by revealing the expansive opportunities available to them through a career in the Power Generation Industry. We imagine mentoring a group of people some for a short season some for a career and giving back to an industry that has provided for us so abundantly. We imagine investing in the lives of people who will then invest in the lives of people all targeted toward contributing to the greater good of our industry and society. 

Core Values:  Prepared, Committed, Driven, Professional, Loyal  

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